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Welcome to the Mega Wars IV!

This wiki is for players to share information on Mega Wars IV. Feel free to make contributions to this knowledge base.

Game Overview

Mega Wars IV is a team based strategy game where each team tries to control the galaxy over an interval of four weeks. It features galactic exploration, ship to ship combat and planet conquest as well as management of a colony's economy. Each game is unique and there is no set formula for winning.

Currently, a game starts every two weeks on a Friday night at 9 pm eastern time. There are 3 formats for the war - Classic, Iron and Liberated. In a classic war players may have as many ships as they desire. In Iron, it is one player, one ship and in Liberated it is one player, one ship without the benefit of resources from the Imperial bases.

The objective of the game is to be the leader of the team having the highest score and be crowned Emperor or Empress of the Galaxy. The highest scoring individual player becomes President of the Imperial Senate.



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